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Как руками довести женщину до струйного оргазма

Массаж точки G происходит изнутри и снаружи после предварительного возбуждения девушки: http://filearchiv.ru/68918
C переводом на русский: http://filearchiv.ru/2176353
Отдельно русский перевод: http://filearchiv.ru/2198105
Бесплатно фильм целиком:
part1 - http://filearchiv.ru/130243
part2 - http://filearchiv.ru/130245
part3 - http://filearchiv.ru/130244
part4 - http://filearchiv.ru/130236
part5 - http://filearchiv.ru/130240
part6 - http://filearchiv.ru/130246
part7 - http://filearchiv.ru/130247
part8 - http://filearchiv.ru/130242
Пожатый: 75mb http://filearchiv.ru/2123617

In This DVD Program You Will Learn:

How to give women the GREATEST possible orgasms in the shortest possible time!

The simple deep-tissue massage techniques that are, in most cases, REQUIRED to help women to not only "squirt" but to have MULTIPLE, WHOLE-BODY ORGASMS in less than one minute!

The techniques that promote the oxygenation of the blood and the release of Nitric Oxide and Dopamine (the orgasm chemicals)!

The proper fingering techniques that will trigger women to "squirt", otherwise known as the Yin Technique and the Yang Technique!

The physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of "squirting" and other intense orgasms!

WHERE the typical "pressure points" in a woman's body tend to be, so that you will know where to massage her to get her blood flowing - this is KEY!

How to "stack" clitoral orgasms so she can climax over and over and over...

We actually open up Ghita's vagina using a speculum, to show you THE INSIDES, The G-Spot, and to demonstrate what "Kegels" look like from the INSIDE!

What the main differences are between women that are EASY to train and women that require more time. Of course, ALL women can learn this (because they have the same "plumbing") but some women require more work.

Several "Squirting" demonstrations!

Step-by-step detailed troubleshooting techniques!
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